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Secure MTP® Applications

US Conec's MTP brand keyed connectors offer the ability to physically control connections of multifiber trunk and patching cable assemblies through the use of color coded and uniquely keyed connector housings and adapters. The US Conec MTP brand keyed connectors give the data network manager the ability to improve netwrk reliablility by eliminating the possibility of misaligned interconnections.

In data centers where extremely sensitive data is kept and transferred daily, is it very important that you keep your network secure from both cyber and even physical theft. Protect your network from the outside with a firewall and other forms of online security; protect your network from the inside with secure MTP brand products.



Color-Coding for Organization Purposes

One great way to keep your MTP brand network organized is to use the color-coding feature of secure MTP brand patch cables and couplers. Sometimes it's difficult to discern which patch goes with which computer/server. If you have them color-coded, it makes it that much easier. Green could go to your server, blue to a network of computers in your data center, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Locations that could benefit from MTP brand keyed connectors

  • Data centers accessed routinely by more than one network administrator
  • Financial and government installations that demand secure communication networks
  • Routing within a studio environment for controlled broadcast routing
  • Refineries, nuclear facilities, and heavy industry networks with multiple process controls
  • Hospitals and healthcare networks that need confidential data connections regulated by HIPAA
  • Media converters for public networks that have multiple protocols (port1-SONET/Port 2-IEEE 802.1)
  • Scientific applications with trunk assemblies that converge in common areas carrying separate data
  • Universities with common transition areas for multiple departments' data connections
  • Cable TV head ends or Telco central offices that need to segregate data streams into customized splitters for signal routing
Applications of secure MTP brand network systems
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