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MTP® Connectors

MTP ConnectorsRibbon fiber cable assemblies with MTP brand connectors provide consistent, high performance, interconnects of up to 72 fibers in a small footprint. MTP brand connectors utilize precision molded ferrules which can connect from four to seventy-two fibers using either ribbon or subgrouped loose-tube cable. Male MTP brand connectors are pre-installed with two precision guide pins to accommodate precision alignment when mating ferrules. MTP brand connectors also utilize a push-pull connector housing for quick and reliable connections.

A singlemode, low loss version, of MTPb brand connectors are achieved by using very precise MT ferrules and guide pins. The precision of the singlemode low loss MT ferrule yields comparable insertion loss values as the single fiber ceramic ferrules.

MTP brand connectors meet IEC 1754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 standards for intermatability and performance.

While the MTP connector is a brand of MPO connectors, the MTP brand connector has various advantages over a generic MPO. First, the removable housing allows for easier rework, gender changes, and interferometric scanning. The MTP brand also provides increased ferrule float, allowing mated ferrules to remain in physical contact while connected. The guide pins of the MTP brand connector are elliptical, improving wear on guide holes and reducing debris caused by wear for less self contamination and improved guidance. In addition, The stainless steel guide pins are held to tight tolerances during manufacture and are retained by a metal pin clamp. The metal pin clamp also eliminates lost pins, centers the spring force, and eliminates the damage caused by an un-centered spring. Round springs often damage the first and 12th fibers in a bare ribbon matrix; the MTP brand connector maximizes ribbon clearance to prevent this damage. MTP brand connectors are offered with a variety of boot and crimp options to allow you to fit the connector to your application.

Another type of MTP brand connector is the Secure MTP version. MTP brand secure connectors are just like the secure MTRJ connectors in that they're "keyed" identifiable by color. We currently offer 4 different types of secure MTP brand connectors: Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Each connector is only matable with adaptors of that same "key" or color. This provides end-users with peace of mind knowing that their fiber infrastructure is safe from intruders trying to steal data through their hardware. Basically, if someone wants to steal your data by unplugging your secure MTP brand cable and trying to plug in their own, they will not be able to since the couplers are keyed differently from standard. Just another line of defense for your network infrastructure.

Typical MTP® Connector Characteristics

Characteristics Units Typical Max At Test Typical Housing Color Comments
Insertion Loss 4, 8, or 12:          
9/125 Singlemode Fiber ~db .3 .75 Green Angled Polish
62.5/125μm Multimode Fiber ~db .3 .75 Beige Flat Polish
50/125μm ~db .3 .75 Black Flat Polish
Insertion Loss 8 Fiber Low Loss Ferrule          
9/125 Singlemode Fiber ~db .15 .5 Yellow .35dB is available with premium fiber.
Insertion Loss 24 Fiber Ferrule          
9/125 Singlemode Fiber ~db .4 1.0 Green Angled Polish
62.5/125μm Multimode Fiber ~db .4 1.0 Beige Flat Polish
50/125μm ~db .4 1.0 Black Flat Polish
Return Loss: Singlemode   55 <50    
Temperature Range °C     <80°C  
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