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MTP® Adapter Panels

Available in 4 (48 fiber), 6 (72 fiber), 8 (96 fiber), and 12 (144 fiber) styles, the MTP brand adapter panel is a high-fiber solution for your network. Fitting most fiber patch panels, it's able to hook up to 6 MTP brand connectors and route that data elsewhere using patch cords. With Secure applications, you can put in all 4 of the different secure couplers into one panel and have 4 secure connections in one port of your patch panel. There are a lot of things you can do with just one adapter panel. Shown here is a 6-pack (72-fiber) version. Custom configurations utilizing ganged adapters with density requirements of up to 192 fibers are available..

MTP Adapter Panels

Specialty Adapters

Shuttered Adapter

EMI Adapter
Ganged 1x4 Angled Adapter
Ganged 1x4 Straight Adapter

Ganged 1x6 Straight Adapter
Ganged 2x8 Straight Adapter
Ganged 2x8 Straight Adapter

Ganged 1x2 Angled Adapter

Ganged 1x4 Angled Adapter
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