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MTP® Cable Assemblies

MTP brand cable assemblies are multi-fiber patch cords suitable for high-density back plane and PCB solutions. MTP brand patch cords offer up to 12 times the density of traditional patch cords, providing significant space and cost savings.

MTP® Cable Assembly Configurations

MTP to MTP patch cableThere are several configurations for MTP brand cable assemblies. The most popular is a MTP brand connector to MTP brand connector patch or trunk cable that connects an MTP brand cassette to another MTP brand cassette. Or, if you have an MTP brand adapter panel installed in a patch panel, then you can use a MTP brand cable to MTP brand cable in that case, as well.

Another configuration is MTP brand connectors to LC. You have one MTP brand connector on one end and you have a breakout (usually 3 feet) of 12 LC connectors on the other side. You can use these for a few different applications for both back end and front end. In a MTP brand adapter panel, for instance, you can plug in one MTP brand connector in to the back and plug a MTP brand cable to a LC cable in the front and have the 12 LC connections go to your equipment. Or, let's say you have an MTP brand cassette that you want to be lit up by using a 12-fiber LC adapter panel. Plug in each of the 12 LC connections in the LC adapter panel and then have the MTP brand side plug into the back of the cassette. There are other applications, as well, depending on how your network is set up. Increase your transfer speed with 10 Gig 50 Micron multimode cable or increase the distance your signal can travel using singlemode. Cables may be constructed of ribbon fiber, small form factor loose tube assembly cable, or subgrouped trunking cable. Your options are only limited by your application.

To reiterate, the MTP brand cable assemblies can be both Multimode and Singlemode, and there are also keyed secure options. Contact us today if you're unsure of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.

MTP® Cable Assembly Specifications

Characteristics Unit SM Low Loss SM MM
Insertion Loss (IL) dB <0.75 <0.35 <0.75
Return Loss (RL) dB >55 >20
Endurance (500 remates) dB ΔIL<0.3  
Endface - 8° Angle Polish Flat Polish
Operating Temperature °C -10 ~ +60  
Storage Temperature °C -40 ~ +70
Axial Pull For Jacketed Cable N 100

Characteristics Unit SM Std. 50um 62.5 OM2 OM3
Max. Attenuation dB/km
Min. Bandwidth MHz•km
- 500/500
Dispersion Coefficient ps/
- - - -
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