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MTP® Cassettes & Cable Assemblies

Multi-fiber technology is the up-and-coming standard for fiber optic networks.
Similar to the MTRJ connector in its style, the MTP brand connector is
actually capable of holding a much higher amount of fibers: Up to 72
fibers in some applications!
Most applications call for higher through-puts
that standard fiber technology cannot handle. But what are MTP brand
cassettes and cable assemblies?

MTP® 101

MTP brand cassettes and cable assemblies take their name from the
MTP brand MPO connector, designed and introduced as a performance
version of MPO connectors.
MTP brand fiber systems are truly an innovative
group of products. Each MTP brand connector contains 12 fibers or 6 duplex
channels in a connector that is smaller than most duplex connections in use
today. A 72-fiber trunk cable can be terminated with six MTP brand connectors
and MTP brand connectors are manufactured specifically for multifiber loose
tube or ribbon cable.

MTP brand connectors allow high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms. They use a simple push-pull latching mechanism for easy and intuitive insertion and removal. The ends of MTP brand connectors may be polished flat or at an 8° angle. An MTP brand connector about is the same size as a SC connector but since it can accommodate 12 fibers, it provides up to 12 times the density, thereby offering savings in card and rack space.

A standard MTP brand cassette has one port in the back with a MTP brand coupler awaiting connection of an MTP brand cable assembly that has 12 fibers in the connector. The MTP brand cable plugs into the back and through the adaptor. The cable connects to another MTP brand assembly inside the cassette that "fans out" to 12 SC or LC connections. One MTP brand cable can connect up 12 different ports! From there you plug in your patch cables and you're good to go.

mtp-cassette-1-mtp-6-lc-duplexPictured to the right is a 10 Gig 50 micron MTP brand cassette with a 12-strand MTP brand cable assembly connected in the back and 6 SC duplex couplers in the front. You place this cassette into your rack mount or wall mount fiber patch panel and plug in the MTP brand connector through the back. From the front you can connect 6 SC duplex patch cords and patch your data to your switch, converter, or server. This is truly a plug-and-play solution that's easy to use and affordable.

Our cassettes come pre-loaded and pre-assembled to your specifications. A 7-10 day lead-time is standard and required for assembly and testing. Each individual cassette comes with test results that include insertion loss and return loss for both the MTP brand connector as well as the fan out to the SC or LC connections.

What's the Difference Between MTP brand connectors and MPO?

MPO (Multifiber Pull Off) was the first generation of multi-fiber connectors designed by NTT. It is now the name of the category of multi-fiber connectors produced by several companies. MTP brand connectors, however, is USCONEC's trade name for their own superior style of MPO connector. To see the benefits of the MTP brand connectors vs. the MPO connector, please visit the MTP brand connectors page.

Why use MTP brand connectors and cables?

We predict that multi-fiber technology will eventually replace the standards for fiber optics as we know it. Even now people are tearing out their existing infrastructure and placing MTP brand cassettes in their patch panels to route data for thousands of network electronics. They find MTP brand cassettes, cables, connectors and adapters an essential backbone to their infrastructure. If you run one 12-fiber MTP brand cable from a cassette on one side of the building to one cassette on the other, you can supply data for 12 connections just like that. The high fiber count in one connector creates endless possibilities. Imagine a 1U rack mount patch panel that can supply data to run an entire 288-port switch. That will happen soon and with today's increasing demand for higher through-put, it needs to. ST, SC, MTRJ, LC, FC, etc, will all be a thing of the past. Be ahead of the game with MTP brand components from US Conec.

Real Estate

Another important reason for switching to MTP brand components is the little amount of space the solution takes up. Take this scenario: You're paying $100/sq ft in rent for your building. One 19" rack will take up about 4 sq ft = $400. Multiply that by about 1,000 racks and you're already paying $100,000 for that space! Imagine cutting that in half. Imagine paying $50,000 to pass the same amount of data. With MTP brand components you can do that. It's the space-saving solution that you've been looking for.

Applications of MTP brand components

  • Suitable for high-density back plane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions in data and telecom systems

  • Used in transmitters and receivers, MTP brand connectors offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors, providing significant space and cost savings

  • The compact design addresses high fiber count applications, with small and lightweight cables ideal for use with installation space limitations

  • The MTP brand cable trunks offer the flexibility in case any decision is made to change the connector style in the patch panels, new cassettes can be installed with the new connector style on the cross-connect side of the patch panel without having to change the connector on the cable trunk.

  • The MTP brand connector is the standard for delivery of 40G (in its 12 fiber version) and 100G (in either a duplexed 12 fiber cable or 24 fiber ferruled cable) using QSFP trsaceivers.

  • The MTP brand connector lends itself well to fiber to the desktop situations where multiple networks need to be accessed by a single user. Installation time is cut down dramatically as one connection may provide the user with access to up to 6 networks.

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